Yuki-Onna (Snow Woman) Stories with Tad & Tomo

Dates & Times:
January 25, 7:30 & 8:30PM

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Join our resident storyteller, Tad Mitsui, and our lovable mascot, Tomo, as they tell the story of Yuki Onno, or Snow Woman. The Yuki Onna is one of Japan’s most well-known and yet unknown yokai. There is no single story of the Yuki Onna. From dread snow vampire of the mountains to a loving bride and mother, she has played many roles over the centuries; worn many costumes. She is ephemeral as a windblown mist of snow, and as impossible to hold.

Find Tad & Tomo in the heated tent inside the garden, near the concession. Stories are included with your admission to the garden.

Tad & Tomo will be telling stories at 7:30PM & 8:30PM. Grab a hot chocolate and sit around the fire listening to stories!