Tea Workshop at Nikka Yuko

Dates & Times:
January 25, 5:30-6PM

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PLEASE NOTE: This event has been moved from January 17 to January 25 due to the weather!

Join Michiko Ono from Matsukaze Tea for a Japanese Green Tea Workshop!

Japanese green tea is known as a healthy drink and is very popular worldwide. Each tea has its own steeping time and temperature – making them correctly determines the flavor.

This tea workshop will give you a chance to learn how to make Japanese green tea with authentic traditional Japanese teaware. You will taste 3 different Japanese green teas. If you are interested in drinking Japanese green tea and you want to make nice a cup of tea for yourself, or you just love tea and are interested in Japanese culture, join this tea workshop. It will be fun to learn about Japanese tea culture.

Instructor: Michiko Ono; Japanese Tea Association certified Japanese green tea instructor / Canadian Tea Association certified Tea Sommelier / Japan Tea Good Will Ambassador in Canada

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden - Programming Tent inside the garden

Date & Time: January 25, 2020 / 5:30 – 6 pm

Available seats: Max. 20 people

Fee: $15 (includes admission to Winter Light Festival + tea workshop)

Description: Taste 3 Japanese green teas and learn proper tea preparation for each kind of green tea (Sencha / Houjicha / Matcha). Michiko Ono will demonstrate how to make these teas with traditional Japanese teaware. One nerikiri wagashi (tea sweets) will be served and handouts will be provided.